Values and principles form the foundation of our strategy and decision making process



The foundation of our Association is respect for each other and our city.



A variety of people, thoughts, ideas that represent all of our city is essential for success.



Information from the Association will be shared openly to ensure everyone can benefit.



Facilitate knowledge sharing will help build more common understandings, reduce stress and improve future decision making.


Non partisan

Everyone from all "sides" of the political spectrum are welcome... just leave the politics at the door because once we are together, we're all in it for the common good.


In person

Virtual/social media is great for some things, but nothing brings people together like being in the same room.


Strategic focus

Stay focused on our core mission and objectives. Not get pulled off course.



For citizens, by citizens. Not an extension of government or corporate interests.



It's not about us, it's about all of us. Focus on bringing people together, for the common good.



Work hard, play hard, serious with a smile.