Meet the Candidates

As part of our Meet the Candidates project for the District 1 By-Election, we organized two activities. Our goal was to help residents get to know their candidates, learn about the relevant topics, and encourage them to get out and vote!

In early April, we canvassed district 1 by foot and sent out online surveys to solicit questions from voters that they wanted to ask all of the candidates. We got great questions, mostly from district 1 voters, and they fell into a few different themes. At the same time we leveraged our winning personalities to convince all 6 candidates to agree to be interviewed on video. We were surprised and pleased to have the help of Allison Saunders - a resident and Digital Communications expert - as well as famed local videographer Jason Bolanis of Endangered Stories to help us produce the videos. View the videos on our Video page.

At the PCCA, we believe strongly that meeting face-to-face is the best way to communicate effectively, and so, with the help of another Pointe-Claire resident Ian Fraser, we secured the location of the Cedar Park United church in District 1 for a 2-hour Meet and Greet session. Many community members came and talked with the candidates, shook hands, laughed and discussed issues of importance. See more about the Meet and Greet here.