Draw Your Neighbourhood

Our Draw Your Neighbourhood project is a way to share what you love about your corner of Pointe-Claire.

What: We provide the drawing sheet and you draw what makes Pointe-Claire a great place for you to live. A favourite park, your house, a beloved tree, the coffeeshop you like to walk to…..whatever it is, we want to see it!

When: Currently you can pick up your drawing sheet in Valois Village at Cafe le Den, at Studio 77 in Pointe-Claire Village, or at Galerie d'Art at Plaza Pointe-Claire. Fill in your sheet there - we provide pencils and an envelope to place your completed drawing in! Or, take it home and bring back your completed drawing later; or email it to us at draw@pointeclaire.info

Vernissage: At the end of September all the drawings will be displayed at Plaza Pointe-Claire. Yours will be on display alongside your neighbours’ allowing you to see what others love about our city.

Can’t wait to start drawing? Download your drawing sheet now by right-clicking on this image below to save it to your computer.