Questions for the District 1 Candidate Q&A videos

Final Themes and Questions

Intro: Welcome

Please share a bit about who you are and why you are running for city councillor in District 1?

Theme 1: Environment, Green, Protection of parks

Question 1 [D1]

Quel est votre plan pour embellir et mettre à jour le parc Alexandre Bourgeau et ses installations?

Question 2 [General]

Allez-vous supporter la protection des espaces verts public et privée et travailler pour implanter une politique pour les changements climatiques, biodiversité et développement durables?

Theme 2: The job, goals, plans, role, working with council for D1

Question 3 [D1] 

What steps will you take to be a successful councilor for district 1?

Question 4 [D1] 

How will you balance the diverse set of wishes of your constituents vs your own?

Theme 3: Development, densification, heritage, streets/parking

Question 5 [D1]

What is your position on new construction and preserving heritage in district 1?

Question 6 [D1]

Would you commit to building a dog run in D1?

Question 7 [General] What factors are involved in your decision making regarding zoning and development across the city?

Theme 4: Fairview forest, MU1 &MU2

Question 8 [General]

Do you support some development in MU1? If so, are there any requirements you would like to see in order to make it a success? 

Theme 5: Something personal - favourite

Question 9 [D1]

What are some of your favourite things to do in district 1? 

Closing: Thank you, open for platform, why you, differentiators

Thank you for sharing your answers to the questions. Could you share a bit more about your platform, and why voters should choose you, over the other candidates, to be the best city councilor for district 1?