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Context and introduction to the videos


Introduction to all of the candidates

Question 1

What is your plan for beautifying and updating Alexandre Bourgeau?

Question 2

Will you support the protection of green spaces - both private and public - and work to implement policies regarding climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development? 

Question 3

What steps will you take to be a successful councilor for district 1?

Question 4

How will you balance the diverse set of wishes of your constituents vs your own?

Question 5

What is your position on new construction and preserving heritage in district 1?

Question 6

Would you commit to building a dog run in D1?

Question 7

What factors are involved in your decision making regarding zoning and development across the city?

Question 8

Do you support some development in MU1? If so, are there any requirements you would like to see in order to make it a success?

Question 9

What are some of your favourite things to do in district 1?

Question 10

Closing remarks

We are enormously grateful to Jason Bolanis and his team for producing the above videos.